Jessica Dubelaar

Jessica Dubelaar

I'm a Public Engagement Officer with Cuso International based out of Toronto, ON. I joined Cuso International after five years working with NGO coalitions in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Through my own work overseas in Ghana and Nigeria I've experienced first-hand how transformational international volunteerism can be.
Hometown: Toronto
Location: ON M5G 1Z6 CA

Dariel Krammer, Regional Education Officer, Region 1 - Guyana

Sarah Verveld, Occupational Therapist - Guyana

Sydney Allicock, North Rupununi District Development Board - Guyana

Behi Barzegar, Food Technologist, Helping Hands Women's Group - Guyana

Heather Cobb and Priscilla Torres - Wowetta Women's Group, Guyana

Joseph Wangija - Special Education Needs Specialist, Guyana

Scotiabank Volunteer Chris Little in Guyana

Tinebeb Berhane, VSO Ethiopia Diaspora Program Manager

Greg Meehan, Nigeria 72-75 and Ethiopia 00-01

Linda Whittaker, India 09-10 - #8

Paul Smith, Nigeria 99-02, 03-05 - #7

Sarah Power and Catherine Cecchini, Cameroon 07-09 - #6

Ken Wood and Meaghon Dunphy Talk Corporate Partnerships in Zanzibar - #5

Andrew Victor, Guyana - #4

Solomon Belay, Ethiopia - #3

Frank Holte, El Salvador - #2

Bharat Mathoo & Peter Jailall, Guyana - #1